RES/COMM MAINTENANCE INC                                                                    Post Office Box 280097

P 303.232.7209 F 303.233.8090                                                                                             Lakewood, Colorado 80228

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OWNERS: Melissa Cogdill & Jeffery Cogdill

CREATERS: January 1995   INCORPORATED: May 1995


A Maintenance Service Company working with Customers to create and build communicative business relationships through the Services we provide. We take great pride in teh re-introduction of "one-on-one" communication/productivity that has been lost with  modern technology and no time.




OSHA Window Cleaning Standards                                             Swing Stage

IWCA Window Cleaning Standards                                              Permanent Stage

ANSI Window Cleaning Standards                                               Boatswain Chair

Fall Arrest Protection                                                                     Window Cleaning Rigging

Red Cross First Aid Certified                                                          Swing/Permanent Stage Maintenance

Emergency/Self Rescue Knowledge                                              Continual Employee/Employer Education

Fully Insured-Liability & Workman's Compensation                      & Training




Window Cleaning Equipment - General & Custom                      Swing Stages

Lifts & Denka Lift (80 Ft)                                                                Pressure Washers

Specialty Service Equipment                                                          Glass Polishers